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The Story of Rise Coffee

On 24 January 2015 my life changed in an instant. “You will never walk again” was supposed to be my life sentence when I broke my neck in a rugby match…but deep in my heart I chose to believe otherwise. This journey has taught me what it really means to have courage. One day I will walk again! When you get knocked down, take courage. Be Brave, be a Hero.



RISE COFFEE CO represents Ollie’s refusal to give up on life; to rise above unwelcome circumstances; to share life with others; to spread hope; to serve people; to comfort and to have compassion; and to simply appreciate every day with its blessings. This is coffee with a purpose!


This is the story of Ollie Terblanche

Ollie Terblanche was a promising provincial rugby player when his life journey was altered in a moment. Ollie became paralysed when he broke his neck during a local rugby match, only one month after his engagement to Chanel. With the strong character and absolute believer that he is, Ollie decided to face this challenge head-on, clinging to his favourite scripture in Hebrews 1:11.

He received intense medical intervention, treatment and daily rehabilitation and the couple was married two years after his injury. His body recovered to the point where today, four years down the line, he is physically semi-dependent and can walk short distances with his crutches. He won’t be giving up on his goal to walk again, and even to become a conditioning coach and mentor to young sportsmen.

For the love of coffee

Ollie developed an absolute love and appreciation for good coffee after his injury, which became a welcome comfort for him during these challenging times. Little did he know it would play a crucial role in his life as he became a coffee marketeer. In May 2019, Ollie was offered the opportunity to start his very own coffee brand.

His dream is to grow his business by living out his love for coffee, financially supporting his family, and to support others like him. As an ex provincial rugby player, he will always love the sport and is passionate about investing back into the lives of others.


The Cause

The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund, is the official charity of the Springboks and provide support at all levels of the game to SA rugby players who have sustained serious life changing injuries. Due to the nature of Ollie’s injury, he became a recipient of the Players’ Fund. They have provided him with mobility equipment, assisted with making his home more wheelchair accessible and continue to have an impact on his life.

It is Ollie’s wish to give back to rugby and especially to this organisation that assists seriously injured rugby players. He has selected the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund as beneficiary of R2-00 per each retail packet of his coffee sold. The official Players’ Fund logo will be printed on each packet label together with a QR code which links through to his story.


To provide a unique brand of roasted coffee to the South African market, which is to communicate a message of determination, hope and compassion, in order to become financially independent and to provide financial assistance to ex-rugby players with spinal injuries.


Mission Statement

RISE COFFEE is a services and values driven coffee wholesaler that supplies two exclusive coffee blends to retail outlets and online shoppers, applying sound business principles and service differentiators to achieve long term financial sustainability.


Core Values

Product quality // Exceptional customer service
Affordability // To inspire & have fun

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