Rise Coffee
Stand Tall.

Take courage. Be Brave. Be a Hero.

Coffee with Purpose

Just as the coffee tree starts from a tiny seed, life takes each person on a journey before they become the tree they were meant to be. From seed, to sprout, to sapling, the coffee tree expands into a far greater being from a small existence.

Rise Coffee Co was founded on the belief that life can change in a flash and the challenges we face must be conquered in order to grow into a far greater being. We believe that each person must endure their trials and root themselves in good soil, sprout from the darkness, and rise from the earth to claim their new life.

We hope that every bag will inspire you to weather the storm you are facing and to rise from your darkness. That you will be reminded to grow strong and shoot into the skies, to have an honest and good heart and to bear fruit with patience.

Let the brew happen and be the coffee tree you are meant to be.

Rise Coffee. Coffee with a conscience. Coffee with a purpose.

Determination, Hope and Compassion

Our Charity Of Choice

As a current recipient of The Players’ Fund, Ollie has selected the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund as Beneficiary of R2-00 for every retail packet sold.


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